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Hot & Cold Washers


The Royale Hot & Cold Washer is specially designed for the user who has a limited application, but nevertheless needs a hot water washer. This machine incorporates many of the features of the larger machines at a very economical capital outlay and operating cost.

It has a close coupled pump & motor with a thermal overload; a 3 ceramic plunger pump; Automatic stop operating when the trigger is not depressed; low pressure detergent injection; pressure gauge and thermostat.

The ROYALE is 100 bar @ 9 LPM; maximum temperature 90 degrees c; 230 volt/single phase- 2800 rpm.


Hot and Cold Washers


sovereign.gif (26745 bytes)

The SOVEREIGN range offers an alternative specification with a vertical Coil, but still incorporating the "power pack" used in the heavier duty COMPACT range. It has a cleverly designed fuel tank utilising the undercart with a removable back panel for ease of cleaning. Supplied with a 10 litre detergent drum as illustrated.

Design Features

Fully Automatic.
Pump & motor direct coupled
Lack of water cuts out burner
Single rotary switch operation
Easy graduated control for detergent & Steam
Warning lights for mains,pump & burner
Available with automatic water softener
Model  1500 Model 2200 Model 2300 Model 3000
Pump Output 1500psi/100bar 2200psi/150bar 2300psi/160bar 3000psi/200bar
Water Consumption 12 Litres 15 Litres 18 Litres 15 Litres
Electric Motor 3HP/ 240/ 1/ 50 5.5HP/ 415/ 3/ 50 7.5HP/ 415/ 3/ 50 7.5HP/ 415/ 3/ 50
Jet Supplied 0/25/40deg 0/25/40deg 0/25/40deg 0/25/40deg
Jet sizes Available 15deg 15deg 15deg 15deg
Water Inlet 12.5mm 12.5mm 12.5mm 12.5mm
Input Cable 6 metres 6 metres 6 metres 6 metres
Detergent Carrier 10 Litres 10 Litres 10 Litres 10 Litres
Water Temperature 100 deg 100 deg 100 deg 100 deg
Weight 140kg 145kg 155kg 155kg
Dimensions 1220x600x870 1220x600x870 1220x600x870 1220x600x870

Static Washers


With ever increasing costs of maintenance, service and good quality detergent - strongly influenced ( if not totally controlled) by the operators of equipment - some of whom feel compelled to try to "improve" the performance by constant interference with controls and pressures - often with near disastrous results ; plus of course the ever increasing spread of vandalism and theft in our society, DIRT DRIVER have developed a range of machines to help combat these problems.....

tamper.gif (28628 bytes)

The "TAMPERPROOF" Static Hot Washer - The latest state of the art machine designed by DIRT DRIVER to eliminate  the above problems without losing any of the performance associated with mobile Hot Water Washers.

The "TAMPERPROOF" is housed in a strong lockable cabinet manufactured from either Zintec or Stainless Steel, and is automatically frost protected.

It can be supplied in varying pressures and volumes from the standard single phase 1500 psi at 12 litres per minute through to the Three Phase models i.e. 2200 at 15 LPM ; 2300 at 18 LPM or 3000 psi at 15 LPM- all available either manually or fully automatic token operated.

The "TAMPERPROOF" is also available in TWIN UNITS - two units housed in one cabinet, as shown in the illustration

tampmini.gif (25047 bytes)




Push Button control

Timed Shutdown

Timed Chemical (adjustable)

Twin Token control
Two Programme - Single and double
Adjustable time settings
Full manual over-ride - key operated
Adjustable Chemical
Wash Counter

24v Switching for operator safety

Thermostatically Controlled Heat
Low Fuel Warning
Low Water Warning

Lockable control Panel door for
anti-vandalism and total control by key holder

Thermal overload protection
Emergency stop button
Hinged security locks
Insulated chimney & rain cap


In addition to the standard machines already described,  special or customised units can be built on request

Diesel Driven Hot/Cold & Steam Trailer Units


Two Trailer Units are available - Model DDHW.30 which had been in production very successfully for the past few years, and the model DDSST.30 which is the slow speed "quieter" model.


  • Low Fuel Level - Audio & Visual
  • Low Oil Pressure - Auto Shutdown
  • Battery "ON" indicator
  • Triple fail safe to prevent overheating
  • Low Pressure Unloader Valve
  • Safety Valves
  • Lockable Control Panel Door
  • Internal live Hose Reel
  • Fuel/Water Separator Unit


Model DDHW.30
Model DDSST.30
200 BAR (3000psi) 200 BAR (3000psi)
26 Litres per minute 26 Litres per minute
KUBOTA D905 Triple Cylinder Water Cooled 20 HP KUBOTA V1505 Four Cylinder Water Cooled - 1500rpm - 20 HP
Triple V Belt Fennerflex One to One
HC800 Triplex - Ceramic Plungers HC800 Triplex - Ceramic Plungers
Vertical Vertical
110 Volt/1450 rpm 110 Volt/1450 rpm
Diesel Tank
100L Zintec Steel 145 L Zintec Steel
Water Tank
30L Stainless Steel 45 L Stainless Steel
Fully Braked with Lighting pack & number plate conforming to all regulations Fully Braked with Lighting pack & number plate conforming to all regulations
250 (l) x 185 (w) x 125 (h) cms 270 (l) x 185 (w) x 130 (h) cms
Road Wheel Size
155x13 155x13
High Pressure Hose
15.2m 3/8 " Twin Braid 15.2m 3/8 " Twin Braid